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Welcome to the Hardangervidda National Park Route!

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The Hardangervidda National Park Route, which takes you on the exciting journey between the east and west of Norway, is the perfect gateway to the fjords.

A journey down the delightful small roads of Telemark, in the heart of Norway and at the borders of Hardangervidda.
A journey through outstanding scenery, with lots of things to do and see.
A journey back in time, to the roots of Norwegian folk culture and early Norwegian industry.

You don’t need to spend any longer on the Hardangervidda National Park Route than you would have done on the main road, but if you have the time, you might want to. Why not park your car for a few days and explore some of the gems along the route, to get a taste of what we have to offer.

Treat yourself to a holiday in beautiful and dramatic surroundings. When you stay with us you will be able to find the relaxation you need. Peace and tranquillity next to a lake with good fishing prospects. The exultant feeling of having ascended the highest mountain peak. The freedom afforded by mountain plateaux. Quench your thirst in a mountain brook. Meetings with friendly people. Investigate a new culture. The enriching experience of another exciting adventure. Fresh air for your body and soul.

When you’re visiting us, unique experiences will be a part of your stay, with activities suitable for everyone. Climb Mount Gausta and be amazed by the view over one sixth of Norway. Visit Hardangervidda, where miles of trails await you, whether you prefer hiking, cycling or riding. Exciting museums tell the stories of the industrial rising, of the nuclear arms race and the saboteurs (made famous in the film “Heroes of Telemark), of Norwegian folk culture and arts. Enjoy elk safari and mountain cruises in spectacular scenery.


Video from Fjellvåken 2 and Mogen

Hiking suggestions along Hardangervidda National Park Route!
Step out of the car and try a family friendly walk through beautiful scenery and rural landscapes alon the National Park Route!
You can download free maps which guide you to great viewpoints and historical places. The guides below tell you about wildlife, plants, geology, cultural monuments and valuable natural areas along the paths.
Enjoy your walk!

Kvennavegen - walk through a pedestrian village - Download
Rjukan - town centre walk - download
Dansarsteinen - Viewpoint and milkmaid's pub - Download
Falkenuten - Panoramic views of Hardangervidda- Download
Gvepseborg - A taste of Hardangervidda- Download
Hyljås -A walk in Moose country - Download
Rjukan round - A quick look at Rjukan - Download
Skipsfjellet - From ski lifts and cottages to mountain wilderness - Download
Lure kulturminneområde - Historical idyll by Lurefossen- Download

The Hardangervidda National Park Route.

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