Mount Gausta - photo: Ove Bergersen

Mount Gausta, which many claim to be the most beautiful mountain in Norway, towers majestically above the town of Rjukan at an altitude of 1,883 metres. Around 30,000 people make the trip up to the summit every year to enjoy the fantastic views from the top. On a clear day, you can see all the way south to the coast and east to Sweden. You can see one sixth of Norway from here.

No matter what the weather is like, you can still buy a cup of coffee, waffles and food at the Tourist Association's 100-year-old stone cabin on the summit. You can pick your own stone from the piles around the summit and get it stamped to prove that you climbed the mountain. The best place to start off on a trek up to the top is from Stavsro (1,173 metres). The car park here has a kiosk and toilets. The trail is well marked with red T's all the way up and it takes most people about two hours to reach the summit and a little less on the way down. You might find stones with wave patterns on them from when the mountain was at the bottom of a long lost ocean.

A new alpine slope down Mount Gausta is planned, but this is no new idea. Had it not been for the Second World War, the alpine disciplines at the 1940 World Championships would have been arranged here.

It hasn’t always been as easy to climb mountains as it is now. In the old days it was usual to have a guide, and for many years the most famous local guide was known as “the emperor”. Find out more about this incredible man here.

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